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First Pakistani Antivirus "Instant Virus Killer"  

We know that the Pakistanis are talented and genius in their fields. Be it the armed forces or the scientists, the educationalists or the researchers, the sportsmen or the software developers, we HAVE some of the finest brains in our country. Our people can do anything. what we only need is some motivation and opportunities.
It was in 1986 when the world saw the first computer VIRUS, created by Farooq Alvi brothers from Lahore, Pakistan. They named it Brain and it was a boot sector computer virus that wildly spread across the world. Then started the war between Viruses and their killer anti-viruses. This time two bright-stars of Pakistan, Hafiz Usman and Imran have made the first ever Pakistani Anti-Virus which is registered with the Government of Pakistan. The development of this anti virus is completely done by The Real Soft, a Pakistani Software Solutions providing company. They are calling it "Instant Virus killer”.

The developers claim that this anti virus can kill ANY virus immediately. Moreover, it can also recover the lost data with in seconds. This anti-virus can also fix the reboot issues of Microsoft Windows affected by the virus and is capable of giving 90% protection against web, USBs and pirated CD-viruses.

  Solutions for Corporate IT :

Running complex systems at demanding corporate environment face IT administrators with constant pressure and challenges. Computer failures have negative impact on users' productivity and waiting hours for IT engineers to bring their computers back to working condition is not an option.

Instant Virus Killer enables users to restore their own failed computers instantly, without having to wait for available IT engineers or suffering from business downtime.

Correspondingly, IT administrators can perform vast maintenance and updates and restoration tasks for multiple computers simultaneously and free the technical support engineers for higher priority tasks.

Solutions for Education :

Analysts indicate that most computer downtime is related to operating system crashes and software application failures. Technicians are often required to repair failures accidentally caused by inexperienced users, or damaged intentionally by bored and frustrated students. In many cases, failure recurs just minutes after repair.

With Instant Virus Killer installed, teachers can restore failed computers in 10 seconds with the press of a button and recover 100% damage during class time without have to know anything about the cause of the problem or wait for available technical support.

Features and Benefits claimed by the developers

Instant virus-killer is not free and it has NO trial version available in market. The per license cost of the anti-virus is Rs 2000.

The anti-virus can be tested at the developers’ office which is located in Gulshan-e-Iqbal, Karachi, Pakistan. The complete  address is; Showroom No.2, SB-32, Block-13C, Opposite Urdu Science College, Gulshan-e-Iqbal, Karachi, Pakistan.

Here is the official website of this anti-virus while this is the official website of The Real Soft. You can also join the official facebook group of the anti-virus here. One of the developers, Mr Hafiz Usman can be contacted through his email address,

It is indeed a powerful anti-virus and should be used in offices, schools, colleges and even for the security of domestic computer systems but we believe that the developers SHOULD launch a 15 day trial version. A trial version always makes it easier for the costumer to test and buy the product.

The developers now plan to make an operating system in near future.

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